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Our path | February 19, 2019

“It’s been three weeks since we began this journey with the launch of my new book on 60 Minutes and the announcement that I am seriously considering running for president as a centrist independent. The reaction has been beyond any expectation I had.”

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Howard Schultz brought Americans together at Starbucks, can he do the same in the White House?

Schultz asks audiences across the country this simple question: "Raise your hand if you think the government is working well for you." And he gets a consistent response. Virtually no one says yes. That's an indication we're at an inflection point in our history. And if 2020 is a change election, why should anyone assume that the electorate won't opt for change?

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Former Starbucks CEO and Independent 2020 presidential hopeful Howard Schultz said that if he were elected he would form a diverse cabinet, one that would potentially include more women than men.

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Potential presidential candidate visits the Capital City

Potential presidential candidate, Howard Schultz, stopped in Topeka Tuesday afternoon. The former Starbucks CEO toured the Brown V. Board of Education National Historic Site. He then attended a local meet and greet at the Greater Topeka Partnership where he took questions. He said he learned about the issues important to many Kansans.

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Former Starbucks CEO weighing presidential run pitches his politics to Kansas voters

Schultz’s trip through Kansas ended Wednesday evening in Wichita, where a crowd of about 50 people listened to his pitch for an independent president. He hasn’t formally announced his candidacy, telling Wichitans he plans to see how he performs in polls over the next several weeks. “I’m still asking my wife for permission,” Schultz said. “I’m still asking my wife for permission,” Schultz said.

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Howard Schultz, 'Proud Capitalist,' Says Dems Risk Handing Trump Re-Election

Howard Schultz, the former Starbucks CEO who is considering an independent bid for president, declared that he is "a proud capitalist," and said if Democrats embrace socialism they would hand President Trump an easy re-election in 2020.

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Howard Schultz: The Centrist Savior In Our Political Crisis?

In this special episode of “Toppling the Duopoly,” The IVN airs the one-on-one interview with former Starbucks CEO and potential independent presidential candidate Howard Schultz.

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Howard Schultz: Republicans and Democrats too busy fighting to solve country's problems

"Democrats and Republicans need to spend less time fighting each other, and more time working to solve the country's problems." That's according to former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, who appeared on “Fox & Friends” Thursday morning to discuss his economic policies, the immigration crisis and a possible presidential run as an independent candidate.

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Howard Schultz: Mueller probe a prime example of government dysfunction

“I think to see the President of the United States now kind of spiking the ball and celebrating the fact that there wasn’t collusion and now the Democrats unwilling to let it go—this is just another prime example of the fact that we are not seeing the government work on behalf of the American people."

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Howard Schultz on capitalism, the presidency, and what's wrong with the Democratic party

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz sat down with Yahoo Finance's Julia La Roche to discuss his thoughts on capitalism, the state of the Democratic party, and lingering rumors of his potential presidential run.

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Howard Schultz talks what he's learned mulling 2020 bid

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has been weighing an independent bid for the white house in 2020, he joins Stephanie Ruhle to discuss.

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Interview: Howard Schultz makes case for independent run for White House

America is facing a very fragile moment in our long history. And that fragile moment also is threaded into the fragile nature of the world. Never in my lifetime have I seen such a level of dysfunction and divisiveness and a lack of moral leadership by both sides, Democrats and Republicans, and certainly I have concerns about the person in the Oval Office.

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Q&A: Starbucks Cofounder Howard Schultz on Running for President

R.G. Ratcliffe of Texas Monthly sat down to interview potential independent presidential candidate Howard Schultz. Since Schultz announced his interest in running on CBS’s 60 Minutes in January, Democrats have worried that he will split the vote of those opposed to President Trump and give Trump his best chance to win reelection next year.

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Potential presidential candidate seeks to lead from the center

What’s needed is a new approach to the presidency. One that represents all Americans and brings politicians together. We need leadership from the center, a place where a majority of Americans already stand. We need leadership from a place of principles and common ground. A place that opts for the best ideas, wherever they come from. A place where truth and common sense inform problem solving.

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Howard Schultz tells SXSW to 'disrupt the system with a centrist approach'

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz received a relatively warm reception at the South by Southwest festival Saturday while floating his potential 2020 presidential candidacy as “a centrist independent outside of the two-party system.” Speaking with NBC News’ Dylan Byers in a packed room at one of the tech-heavy event’s largest venues, Schultz said his candidacy would ”disrupt the system with a centrist approach.”

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Howard Schultz considers running for president

The former CEO of Starbucks was in Orlando on Tuesday. Howard Schultz told WESH 2 News he's seriously thinking about a run for president.

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CEO of Starbucks Explains Why Not All Business Decisions Are Economic

Legendary leaders don’t just pass down orders for others to execute. He explains how important it is for leaders not to isolate themselves but surround themselves with people that are truly more intelligent than themselves.

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Howard Schultz: Should He Be Heard?

Mr. Schultz seems to be the only announced candidate presented as a centrist willing to attempt bringing lawmakers together rather than instigating greater division. Maybe others of his ilk will join the fray. But today, those deep-rooted at either end of the political spectrum seem poised to inhibit him from being part of the discussion. The President reinforced this in his State of the Union speech, labeling all Democrats as promoting hardline “socialism.”

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Howard Schultz, the Democratic Party and the future of liberalism

"I believe Mr. Schultz has integrity and would make a great President. I see in him a humility that is completely missing in our political class. If the politicians attacking him did a little research, they would find that while they have been busy making grandiose promises, Mr. Schultz was implementing solutions. Starbucks provides quality healthcare and college tuition for all of their employees and is also working to employ thousands of veterans, youth and refugees."

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Smerconish: Why aren't we thanking Howard Schultz?

“I salute anyone who, as Theodore Roosevelt said, is willing to get in the arena, and this is a guy with a legitimate Horatio story.”

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Schultz takes on Trump's America

“In all my years as a political operative and national fundraiser, for the first time I truly see a path for an Independent like Schultz.”

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Eventos y discursos

Purdue University | February 7, 2019

Howard Schultz visited Purdue University to address some of the problems that have been intractable in the broken two-party system including the tax code, healthcare, immigration, education, and economic opportunity.

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